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Gozo Cottage was born in Gozo ~ the isle of Calypso. The idyllic atmosphere, the myths and the culinary traditions gave rise to the typical Mediterrean gastronomy. Blessed with the sun, the fertile soil in terraced fields and the fresh groundwater agricultural products harvested in Gozo are well renowned for their superior taste and quality.

Gozo Cottage was setup with the sole purpose to use and promote local Gozitan Produce. The company, through its young and vibrant management seeks to bring back to life and offer to its esteemed clientele the old traditional recipes in full respect of traditional methods and derived only and exclusively from fresh products grown and harvested within the Island Region of Gozo.

Gozo Cottage guarantees that all its products are genuine products produced on the island of Gozo from fresh agricultural products expertly grown and harvested by the toil and dedication of Gozitan farmers.

Diversification through the introduction of new infrastructure and equipment

By investing in infrastructure, plant and equipment the finished project aims at producing a range of different products including:
• Fresh and Aged Cheeses
• A range of cured meats using local pork
• Different types of Jam sourcing local raw materials (fruits)
• A Winery, providing consumers locally produced wines, sparkling wines, dessert/sweet wines and liqueur wines as opposed to current imports.

In order to be able to produce the proposed products the project invested in the following infrastructure (buildings) and equipment comprising of:
• A Winery and Cellars
• Meat Processing/aging area
• Dairy Production area including raw milk reception area
• Jam Processing Area
• Packaging
• Testing /Research/Tasting Room
• Olive oil Production Area
• Vinegar Production area
• Ancillary facilities

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)